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My 30th Birthday Party
December 2, 2001 - Jason
I turned 30 this past December...yikes!

To celebrate, we had a party...over 40 people showed up here at the little house. We had a keg of beer plus many bottles, and we even had a bon-fire outside. Keep in mind, it was December, but it was usually "warm", meaning the temperature was above freezing and the wind was calm. So, a few brave people huddled around the fire. Having a bon-fire is tradition, and it wouldn't be a real party without one.

There was a crazy 3-man drinking game, but luckily I didn't drink all that much which is probably why I was okay the next day. As for my actual birthday on Sunday, I didn't do much exciting. I went to my parent's for cake and ice cream. Afterwards, my brother amd I put off cleaning up the house and did a bicycle ride along the river. It was a very warm, sunny day for December! I wanted to enjoy the day rather than be inside.

Gosh, I can't believe I'm so old now! I feel like I'm supposed to be married with kids or something. But at other times, I am happy that I'm not. Actually, I don't know what I'm supposed to feel now that I'm 30.