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How Noel Puig scammed my 1986 Oldsmobile using eBay/PayPal & AMEX
July 2006
This was my 1986 Oldsmobile 442. I had the car since 1996 when it had 48k miles. I sold it with 80k miles in 2006 through eBay, and the buyer, Noel Puig from Florida, attempted a scam. He did this by using his American Express credit card to pay the Pay Pal charge...then after two months of driving my car, he disputed the transaction with AMEX who in turn withdraw the money out of my Pay Pal account!

I contacted Pay Pal to find out why suddenly there was over a $3000 negative balance in my account. Of course they don't defend me...they already made their money on the transaction fees. They said that the buyer was now disputing the charge because the car was not as described... so Pay Pal made a decision without informing me to credit the buyer back his money.

Not as described! The pictures below are exactly what were posted on eBay. Noel contacted me several times before he bid on the car! After he won the auction, he even bought a one-way plane ticket to Chicago and on May 5, 2006 drove the car back to FL without any problems!

How is it this scam artist, Noel Puig, drive the car from IL to FL then wait two months and dispute the transaction in an attempt to get all his money back AND keep the car?? Why is it that Pay Pal doesn't defend the transaction by contacting me and can just take money out of my account? Who knows what he has done to my car in those two months. Now I'm forced to pay a lawyer to resolve this...and now we're into 2007, and I no longer can use Pay Pal ever again because of this. (not that I want to!)

...this guy wants his money back... and he wants to keep my car!

This is how my car appeared on the eBay listing:

  • New brakes and rotors
  • Posi rear end with 3.73 gears
  • Cat Back dual exhaust with turbo mufflers
  • No engine oil or transmission leaks
  • Sunroof (doesn’t leak) with new seals
  • Alpine stereo system w/tape deck
  • MRV T300 Amplifier
  • Pyle Driver rear speakers
  • Good interior
  • Factory chrome rims

The car is very solid, but it has small areas of surface rust and the bottom of the doors being the worst. The car was repainted years ago and could use new paint. As for the interior it is good condition. The headliner sags. The trunk has very little rust and is in good condition. It has a very solid frame. It runs and drives well but after long periods of highway driving the transmission shifts rough, but when cold it shifts smooth. Also the A/C compressor is seized and I installed a new radiator.

Please email me for any questions.